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Their Fading World...  by Bella Vine
Oil on Canvas

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Current Exhibitions & Events

Scara McNamara from un concious ness exhibit

Special Exhibit

Oct. 26 - Nov. 2, 2019  ~  Scara McNamara presents:   un concious ness

Art Exhibition in the lower-level gallery ~ follow the blue light......


Taag Gallery is sponsoring Iowa City artist solo exhibition

In the spinning geometry of Scara McNamara's visual world, vibrant color palettes bring the artist’s subjects to life. It’s a universe of upheaval and reduction, softened by the clear love the artist has for his subjects.  

Bathed in special lighting and sound, this special exhibit will last only one week! The artist invites you to share his vision and join him in the Taag Studios lower level gallery, (through the north side entrance) this Saturday evening for an artist's reception. 


Currently in the upstairs main gallery: Open Gallery

Taag Gallery showcases incredible talent and celebrates artists everywhere!  Come see the current exhibition in the main gallery that features phenomenal works by local and regional artists.


John McGlinn Exhibit: December 2019

Date: To be announced soon.

Time: To be announced soon.

Don't miss the exhibit of a Taag resident artist John McGlinn. John is an amazing artist, with his work focusing on "space stacking."  His body of work is representational abstract ~ a must see!

Mentoring Group

Thursdays, 3:30 - 6:30pm

Mentoring sessions are for teens who are serious about their art and have been accepted into the Mentoring Program.  Contact us for more information or about joining the group. We offer a scholarship program for those who qualify for financial assistance.

Childrens' Classes for Homeschoolers

Wednesdays, 8:30 - 10am

Wrapping up the Fall Semester for the children's classes. Be sure to get you child's name on the list for Winter 2019. Contact the office now to reserve your spot!

Featured Artists: Karl Sternberg & Bella Vine

"Ethereal" by Karl Sternberg. Charcoal on paper. Taag Fine Art Gallery.

Ethereal  by Karl Sternberg.  Charcoal & white chalk on paper. 70 1/2 X 44 Inches. Framed. 

"Highway 151" by Karl Sternberg Charcoal on paper. Taag Fine Art Gallery.

Highway 151  by Karl Sternberg.  Framed. Charcoal, White & Red Chalk on Paper.    25 1/2 X 29 Inches.

"Scott Blvd" by Karl Sternberg,  Charcoal, Red and White Chalk on Paper.  Taag Fine Art Gallery.

Scott Blvd  by Karl Sternberg.  Framed. Charcoal, Red and White Chalk on Paper.   26 5/8 x 36 3/8 Inches.

Painting by Bella Vine. "Laramie from the East".  Taag Fine Art Gallery. Oil painting by Bella Vine.

Laramie from the East  by Bella Vine.

Oil on canvas. 16" X 20"


Insomnia: sculpture by Bella Vine. Taag Fine Art Gallery.

Insomnia : sculpture by Bella Vine.

Mixed Media.  17"H x 10"D x 7"W 

Into the Blue Wood by Bella Vine. Oil on canvas. 16"X 20"  Taag Fine Art Gallery.

Into the Blue Wood  by Bella Vine.

Oil on Canvas. 16" X 20"

Unframed, gallery wrapped deep canvas.

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