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About the Artists at The Gallery

Bella Vine


From dreams in technicolor to nightmares that melt from one form into another, Bella’s work crosses the divide between traditional and transformative. A flirtation with bold and brilliant color becomes a rainbow affair, aggressively softened into a spectrum of surreal delight with an undercurrent of anxiety and alarm.

Bella studied at the University of Wyoming at Laramie. Art has been her passion for years, and - unable to limit herself to one medium - Bella has translated that love into oils, acrylics, multimedia sculptures, and textile arts. 

Karl Sternberg

 Bold lines and indistinct edges come together in a watery landscape of smudged photographs and half-memories. Karl’s works in charcoal evoke a nostalgia for a time you never experienced and a longing for something you never lost. He creates in monochrome worlds that exist at the edges of the paper, in between the lines, and at the end of a long day.

Karl studied formally at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Deeply influenced by Edgar Degas and Käthe Kollwitz, Karl’s charcoal works presents a dynamic and multidimensional approach to the artform. 

Eve Minkler

Eve Minkler is a local ghostwriter, novelist, poet, jazz singer, and self-taught painter working mostly in fluid acrylics and alcohol inks in an abstract style. 

She believes art can be like jazz improvisation or stream-of-consciousness poetry, tapping directly into the river of creative energy from which all artists draw and flowing through the subconscious mind, through the medium, and onto the canvas or paper. Each painting represents a three-pointed effort: the artist, the paint, and fate contribute equally. Eve’s paintings tend to manifest themes of nature, music, and metaphysics. 

Jessica Drees

It’s often said that artists put their heart and soul into their work, but it’s rarely so apparent as it is in Jessica’s art. From the willow tree watercolor to the Disney inspired dreamscapes, to the Circle of Life sculpture, all are handpicked moments from Jessica’s own life, beautifully rendered in unique media and form. Each piece reveals itself to you like an unexpected gift, a call from childhood, and a recollection of dreams past.  

Recent works by Jessica reflect her independence of form, style, and imagination. She is an artist that will definitely enchant the world with her artistic gifts. 

Anonymous-the artist

Though he wishes to remain Anonymous, the artist's works can and will cause you to stop and look deeply into them. He feels most will only see him in his work rather than what they may see in their own interpretation of pieces, so he will not allow very much information to go out about himself. Recently, an avid collector purchased the remaining four paintings by Anonymous. He is now working on his third series/collection and anticipates gallery ready pieces in August or September 2018. 

General Gallery

Taag Gallery in Iowa City, IA. General collection.

Peruse the art gallery for pieces by other artists showing in the gallery. The selection of fine art continues to grow. Several artists are working on collections and may only have one or two pieces left at present. We also feature works we've been lucky to acquire from artists who don't feature regularly, such as R.E. Henry, Aaron Stevens, and Sam Fischer.  



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