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Gallery Open

Taag now has a permanent gallery area in the studios building at 1041 Arthur St, where the public may stop by to view and purchase some beautiful artwork. We are very excited to have two permanent exhibition areas for artworks in many mediums including paintings and charcoal works, sculpture, and ceramics. The gallery plans two exhibits in the near future featuring Taag artists and other national talent in Spring 2020. Details coming soon! 

Lower Level Gallery & Event Area Finished

We are opening a Lower Level Gallery for special events and shows. New artists will be featuring several times throughout the year to get feedback and critique from others, including the Guest Host for the month, a locally well known artist. We hope to have this up and running within the next two months. For information about how to get on the list for showing your work in our Lower Level Gallery, please contact us via email.  To get the latest news, be sure to sign up for our newsletter below.

Special Art Exhibition Lower Level Gallery

 Dec. 12 - Dec. 21  ~  John McGlinn  Exhibit

Art Exhibition in the lower-level gallery ~ Studio H

Taag Gallery is sponsoring Iowa City artist solo exhibition

"Our normal vantage point is on the surface of the earth utilizing a multi-point perspective, i.e. the Renaissance window: accurate, natural, well-practiced in all forms of visual endeavor. But, there is a more primitive, archaic form of spatial depiction that is child-like in the placement of objects above, not beyond, to represent distance from the observer. This orientation has allowed me to map my abstract intentions onto invented scenes that recently have incorporated fences, trees, clouds, etc. in a purposeful, if slightly artificial, manner. "

~ John McGlinn website:  https://artshowjourney.com/ 

*See some photos of the Holiday Party below!


Art Workshops to Resume Soon

Date/Time: TBD

We are working on new schedules for the classes and workshops. We will post all events and classes soon.

Scholarship Program

Taag Studios believes every child and teen should have the opportunity to participate in artistic endeavor, whether for the sheer pleasure of it, or for serious learning. Taag has begun a scholarship program to assist those who qualify financially for free or reduced-fee classes. If you would like to apply for the scholarship program, whether for the Mentor Program or art classes, please stop by the office at 1041 Arthur St, Ste D, Iowa City for an application. If you would like to speak with someone about an appointment, please email or call at info@taagstudios.org or 319.621.8223

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